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I quit Instagram and Twitter

I recently decided to deactivate my twitter and instagram. for years I've been focused on building up my personal brand and producing content, recently I've decided thats not the most important thing to me.

I want to focus on becoming the entrepreneur I feel like I was meant to be. that means focusing on building an actual business.

The business Im deciding to build is my app business. I own a company called gnoodl, we are dedicated to creating tools for artists who lack resources. my plan is to use my extra free time to work on this business.

If youre reading this you're witnessing what I will be doing with my other free time. Im not becoming a blogger but I will be producing more long form content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, shorts and documentaries.

Thanks for your continued support!

I just added this pic cuz I think it would be weird to have a blog post with no image attached.

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